Mike Tesch : AdMan / ARTIST

Aldous Huxley once said,
“Experience is not what happens to you;
it is what you do with what happens to you.”

Much has happened for Mike Tesch.

He is best known for his accomplishments in the world
of advertising...he has spent a lifetime creating ads
that have become part of the vernacular of America.

He was instrumental in putting FEDEX on the map
with an award-winning ad campaign...
When it absolutely, positively, has to be there overnight.”

Mike has won over 500 awards. 

He’s created campaigns for Dunkin Donuts...
he created TV commercials for Tonka Toys...
and many other well-known brands...

He was voted to ADWEEK's All American Creative Team....
he was voted one of America’s most outstanding creative people.

He’s served on many boards. 

Mike's work is in The Smithsonian Institution - twice 
He has been inducted into the Advertising Hall of Fame...
and a winner of over 50 CLIO's.

He is in The ONE CLUB Hall of Fame,
as well as The Art Directors Hall of Fame.

TV Guide recently named the 100 best commercials of all time.
Two were Mike’s.

He attended Pratt Institute...and Cooper Union N.Y.  Both, elite Art Schools. 
He has lectured at YALE, University of Delaware, and FIU,
and taught advertising at Pratt.

After decades of inspiration in the advertising world,
Mike is now expressing his eclectic creative vision. 
As a painter, and writer/illustrator of children’s books...

He paints pets; dogs and cats...his work can be seen on this website,
Look for TeschPets under the 'More' tab above, on the navigation bar.

His abstract paintings have been selected for exhibition at
Art Basel Miami.

He is represented by
Kelley Roy Gallery in the Wynwood Art District.

Mike is the sort of guy who rarely takes NO for an answer...
he has a profound belief in the theory
“When in doubt...risk it !”.

After many years of creating memorable ideas for top companies,
Mike is now using his innate ability to do what he does best...paint...in primary colors. 
He’s a passionate perfectionist, he’s reached millions of people with his advertising...

...he is now simply trying to reach enough people with his art.