I’m Mike Tesch.

I love dogs.
I owned dogs.
There was Dundee…
a Scottie.
There was Champ…
a Short-Haired Fox Terrier
There was Dillon…
a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

I love cats.
I owned cats.
There was Steele…a Persian.
I own cats now.
Mona, Millie and Mollie
A Calico, a Tortoiseshell 
and a Rescue.

I love to paint.
I always loved to paint.
I own paints and oil sticks.
There was and still is…Cobalt Teal
Titanium White, Ultramarine Blue,
Hansa Yellow, Cadmium Red,
Alizarin Crimson, Carbon Black, etc.

I can paint your pet from a photo. 

I know dogs. I know cats.
I know paints.

I just put them together.

And you get a painting of your pet.

The name of the company….